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Homeschooling in South Carolina

Homeschooling in South Carolina

There are three legal options** for homeschooling in South Carolina.

All options require 180 days per year of instruction including the subjects of reading, writing, math, science and social studies with composition and literature for grades 7-12. Parents need a GED or high school diploma to qualify as a teacher. Choose one of the following three options:


Option 1: Through the local school board, establish and operate your homeschool a minimum of 4.5 hours per day. Document evidence of regular instruction including:

Record of subjects

Description of activities

Portfolio of each child’s accomplishments

Academic evaluations

Semiannual progress report

Results from annual statewide standardized testing


Option 2: Join the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools.

SCAIHS was the original accountability organization for the state of South Carolina. Refer to their membership information for record keeping and testing requirements. Homeschooling in SC Since 1990 | SCAIHS (schomeschooling.com)


Option 3: Join an established accountability group and meet their guidelines for membership. Documentation of instruction and activities, or lesson plans, and a portfolio of each student’s work are generally required. Standardized testing requirements vary.


Not Required but Recommended

We would encourage you to consider joining the Home School Legal Defense Association. For an application, go to their website at www.HSLDA.org or call (540) 338-5600.


** The exact wording for the SC homeschool laws may be found here: http://www.hslda.org/laws/default.asp?State=SC

The above summary is as up to date as possible. This information is for informative purposes only and should not constitute legal advice or be used for legal purposes. Contact HSLDA or your local accountability group for legal advice and information.